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Mendocino Gold

Wildflower Honey

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Exactly what it sounds like...wild. It is derived from the most unique & diverse native wildflowers scattered throughout our counties. The combination of wildflowers & plants combine to make one of the best tasting & best selling honeys that we have to offer. Try some to help relieve your allergies.

Raw honey is not filtered or heated. It contains all the live enzymes, pollen, propolis and floral essences that the honeybees put into it. Our bees determine the color, flavor and texture of our honey just by the varieties of flowers and herbs they forage in Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma counties. In order to maintain the highest level of taste and nutrition in our raw, unfiltered honey, we never heat our honey to more than 100 degrees, just enough to get it into the jar. Filtering removes most pollen particles and heat can change the color, taste and destroy the vitamins.